Wednesday, 4 April 2012

my online finds over the last few months...

i have been obsessed with buying off of ebay these last couple of months - as i find that the high street stores are all still getting spring stock in, so there's not too much to chose from, however, on ebay, you can find so many summer clothes at absolute bargains! i love it, because i can find old stock from high street stores that i wanted to buy at the time they were out, but never had the money, and on ebay i can get them at a fraction of the price!

so i just wanted to share with you some of the things i've found online over the last few months february - now. i will try and list any sellers shops i bought from.

enjoy! xx

these are a bunch of yankee candle tarts and samplers i bought off of 3 different yankee candle sellers on ebay (there were more candles, but ive burnt quite a few). each shop sold the tarts and samplers between £1.30-£1.75. they will all be listed below:

i find ebay to be a really good place to buy makeup at good prices, these are three rimmel lipsticks i bought off of different sellers, all at great prices. i will leave the link for each seller below:

this is a hello kitty perfume that i bought off of an ebay shop for £10. i smelt this perfume in boots last summer and loved it, and have forever been trying to find it since but couldn't until i found it on ebay. it smells so sweet and is just the sort of thing i like, as i love sweet smelling perfumes. i really recommend the seller i bought this off of.

this is a gorgeous playsuit from topshop which i cannot wait to wear now the weather is warming out. i absolutely love the print on it and its so flattering on. i won this item for £11 and am so so pleased with it.

this is a dress from topshop that i won on ebay for around £8. i was really drawn to it because of the criss-cross design on the back. the seller listed this item as 'brand new' although im not sure how true that is, but i don't mind as i didnt pay much for it.

this is a beaaaaautiful dress from topshop, but bought from an ebay store which stocks loads of topshop items at really affordable prices (i will leave the link). i think i paid around £18 for this dress and i think its lovely, i cannot wait to wear it in the summer, now ive lost some weight i am not so self concious about having my tummy on show and i absolutely love the print of this dress.

this dress may not be to everyones taste, but i love it. a couple of years ago i saw pixie lott wearing this dress and was dying to know where she got it from as it is so my style, it was only recently that i found out she actually designed this dress for river island for the princes trust, so i decided to hunt it down on ebay, and eventually found one in my size, and i ended up winning this for £10. i wore this recently to the pub with some friends and got loads of compliments on it.

this is by far the biggest bargain i have found online. this is a lipsy dress, again designed by pixie lott, and this is from the first collection she did for lipsy in 2010. this dress was originally priced at £60, and i wanted to get it for my 18th birthday, however, at that time i was really self concious about my bust (as i hadnt had a proper bra fitting, i now have and dont mind them being bigger as they are much more flattering in a decent fitting bra) and decided £60 was a lot to spend on something i may not wear. this was not actually bought from ebay, i found this on, and the seller was asking for £15 for it!!!! i paid about £1.50 for postage, so £16.50 in total. i am so happy with it, and am wearing it on my 20th birthday in june :)

this is a lovely summer dress primark bought out a couple of years ago, i had the pink and black design of this dress but always wanted it in this colour. i won this on ebay for 99p!

this is a playsuit from lipsy, designed by pixie lott, (as you may be able to tell by now, i love her, when she first came onto the scene i found her taste in clothes to be very similiar to mine, therefore i love her designs) that i have wanted for absolutely ages, when it was first released though, i was jobless and as it was £45, i just couldn't afford it. this was bought from an ebay shop that stocks lots of lipsy products and lovely dresses. i paid £35 for this playsuit.

i hope you enjoyed that (if anyone is actually reading this). i just wanted to share some of the things i found on ebay these last couple of months as i really think ebay is a great place to find some serious bargains.

sorry for the shoddiness of this blog post, i am still getting my head around how to use this properly.

lara xxx


  1. hey, i love your page! I've always wanted to buy stuff from ebay but I've had the feeling that it's a bit fishy there. Then, when I decided to take the plunge, I saw that Zoe from Zoella said she'll never get involved with Ebay because of fakers and so I got scared again lol. That was a good deal on the yankee candles though! They're so expensive so any kind of cheaper deal is fantastico. I like the SWEEET smells, like cupcakes and cookies...pretty much dessert smells hehe. Btw I love your lipsticks, perfect for spring & summer. The dresses are gorgeous too, but I've got to lose some serious weight to fit in them :/ I'm trying to lose weight since I'm coming to London in june for a month, and I'd love to go to the infamous Primark and Topshop to buy some cute dresses.

    1. aww thankyou so much :) i'm glad someone is reading these! yeahh unfortunately you do get the odd few bad people out on ebay who are just looking to con you, luckily i've never really had that, the only trouble ive had is people not paying or saying things have got lost in the post.

      i know, i was so pleased with all the yankee candles, i find loads of yankee candle sellers on ebay do loads of candles you cant get anymore, like oatmeal cookie which smells soooo nice!!

      i'm on a diet atm, weightwatchers, its such a great diet and i've lost over a stone, still a long way to go though, haha.

      and yes you should definately go to the primark and topshop, they have amazing stock. the primark is always so busy, but the amount of stock they have is amazing, it is the best primark for stock its just incredibly busy., but im sure you'll love it and find some great things :)